"Change is inevitable. Change is constant." -Benjamin Disraeli

Those words are more than true and a quick quip to hang on an office wall, especially if you are in the media business. Those words are what we live by. 

Change is coming to the Newton Kansan, though change has been a constant here for a very, very long time. 

Long-time readers have seen those changes. Names have changed, and the way we do things have changed as well. Just a short decade ago the print deadline was at noon for that day's edition. Then we started printing earlier in an effort to get each day's edition in the racks at noon. Deadlines changed, and became more aggressive. 

The weekly television section was once a stand-alone section. It was kind of an entertainment magazine. Those days are gone as we have adjusted to market pressures. 

There have been redesigned pages, color added to different places around the publication. At one time, stories were almost never posted online before they appeared in print. 

A few years back we eliminated Monday's print edition. A dramatic change. In September, two more days of the week will be eliminated — an even more dramatic change. Each of these changes made are business decisions. Businesses that make decisions based on emotion, inertia and "we've always done it that way before," rather than business numbers cease to exist. We plan on staying around for a while. 

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." -John F. Kennedy

What is the future? One where our newsroom remains committed to bring you the news. We have a group of employees here who live here, with their families, and call Newton home. They serve this community as a result, and they will continue to do so. The newsroom quantity targets have not changed, nor will they. The plan is to publish some of those things that normally appear on the front of a Wednesday edition on the inside pages of the Thursday edition. Same for Friday and Saturday. 

To make room, some things will have to go away. We are asking questions right now — how important are those television grids? Who is using them? Do we print a couple of those every edition instead of all of them at once? What about the Amish Cook, and for that matter, each of our syndicated columnists? What comics are you reading, and should we jettison some of those? 

We're making changes. Truth is, this can be fun. It is also a challenge. 

"I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better." -Georg C. Lichtenberg

— Kansan editorial board