In response to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend — and other "recent hate-filled events" — Trinity Heights hosted a community gathering, “Stand for Love,” on the church lawn Aug. 16.

An estimated 250 people took time to reflect on the racial divide of the nation during the event, some holding signs with messages of peace.

Throughout the evening small groups were asked to think about and discuss quotes — from a humorous quote from a mother, "Laundry is the only that that should be separated by color," to the more serious from Pope Francis: "Racism today is the ultimate evil in the world."

"I gave us moments to turn to one another, because that is how we learn," said Pastor Donna Voteau of Trinity Heights.

The short gathering was punctuated with prayer and religious music, ending with the lighting of candles during the sunset and the singing of "Amazing Grace" and "We Shall Overcome."