Well the results are in and taxes are going up. Another 3.5 mills between the city and county.

The school district stayed steady but I am sure the potential mill increase for the bond was a large factor in that. They have begun the planning sessions for selling the bond to the public and I am quite sure it will be a slick advertising campaign. I have covered their intentions thoroughly over the last several months and the main point to remember is some items need addressed soon but the rest is overkill and poor management of the current resources. Vote NO in November.

You should also take a keen interest in those running for school board. Feel them out and see if they are just hard core leftists who think government is our salvation or realists who know there is a better way. I am still undecided on candidates but will be paying close attention as we move closer to November. Something worth noting about the current board is that two members with over a decade of time on the board both abstained from voting on the current bond. You would think that people elected to make hard decisions would stand up and make their voice heard loud and clear about the $61 million they are wanting to take from the taxpayers. If someone with almost 20 years experience can’t make an important decision like this then I think it is time to move on and let some new ideas on the board.

The city also has some new faces running as well as the three sitting commissioners. There are still a lot of "pie in the sky" project people out there fishing for the city to fund their dream. No matter who gets elected they will need a constant reminder of the millions we are still paying each year for dreams from commissioners 10 years ago. One thing to remember about the current 3 mill increase is much of it is due to the "back ending" of the debt issued for the golf course, Meridian Center and logistics park. Of course these things were going to be paying for themselves in just a few short years and it wasn’t going to be an issue. Sounds just like many of the projects being sold to the city now. 

The state legislature pushed through the largest tax increase in state history this year. They were even so generous as to make it retroactive to the first of the year! The constant drumbeat was how the state was going in a financial hole, which it was. They said it was because we were not taking enough money from the tax payers, which is not true. The problem was that not enough legislators had the stomach to cut spending and eliminate services to the people. It is tough to cut funding for someone hooked on the government drug of cash, but it is very necessary to do so. Just like someone addicted to anything, the pain is immediate when you get cut off but in the long run you are a better person for being self sufficient.

 The Harvey County Republican Party is having its annual Ice Cream Social in Athletic Park at 6:30 p.m. Augu.29 at 6:30 pm. It will be just off Fifth Street at the covered picnic area. We will have our local elected republican officials including the Sheriff, county Commissioners, State Representative and State Senator. Congressman Ron Estes will also be attending. Please come, bring a lawn chair and be prepared to talk to your local and state legislators about your concerns.

— Jason Mitchell is a member of the leadership team of the Harvey County Republican Party. He can be reached by phone at (316) 680- 6456 or email jsmitch73@ hotmail.com.