As of this writing, The Miller Family, Melody Peterson and Harry Kasitz (retired), local Harvey County Farmers Market members, are all patiently awaiting the final results of the Harvey County Fair judges. Initial reports indicate a significant number of blue ribbons for some high quality garden produce, flowers and needlework.

Maybe you have already picked out your favorite winner. Come visit us Saturday and see who won the medal count? Harvey County Farmers Market, your local home town provider of the finest home grown food and crafts. Can you say "blue ribbon" quality?

Most of Harvey County received another nice rain Saturday night and Sunday morning. I recorded 1.55 inches here in the city.

And how about this cool “fair” weather? Special thanks to Anne Pitts, Harvey County Extension office, for being available at 7 a.m. Saturday morning recording fair entries. Between the ice cream, checking out the arts, crafts, food and livestock, Anne and her major co-conspirator, Hannah Anderson, were just everywhere, making sure the fair runs smooth. The same for the rest of the fair staff too!

Special thanks this past week to Newton Police Officer Jon Adkins. Jon stayed busy this past Saturday at HCFM educating kids (and their parents) about bicycle safety and giving away free bicycle helmets.

Remember the 'Buy Harvey' campaign? That message is still the same. Let's review some of the “Top 10” at ''8. Put your taxes to good use.”

(HCFM) require(s) comparatively little infrastructure investment and make(s) more efficient use of (existing) public services" For the record, Harvey County Farmers Market would like to thank the city of Newton for the opportunity to conduct our business at an otherwise vacant parking lot, no additional infrastructure required. HCFM has never requested a street closing, security or other service. We desire to keep our taxes as low as possible, while offering the consumer fresh food of high value and quality. Let's call that a win-win for ROI and community dividends.

PS: HCFM does not charge admission.

Mark and Bonnie of Ekeland Acres have sold out of dill. Good to know there are folks who know pickle as a verb. There is an abundance of garden produce for everyone else.

The USDA proclaimed August 6-13 as National Farmers Market Week!

 Upcoming Events:

Aug 19 - Angela Becker, candidate for Newton School Board / USD 373.

Meet and greet, get to know your neighbor.


Recent visitors to HCFM include LeRoy Koehn and Glen Davis, Newton City Commissioners.

Would you like to be on our calendar? Call Norm at 316-587-8070. The market is searching for music, dance groups to add some entertainment flair to our market.

HCFM, your summertime, every Saturday morning destination for great value, nutrition and local job creation. Building Harvey County one meal at a time.

Directions: From North Newton, travel South on Main to Sixth Street, then East one half block. HCFM is located between Grand Central and Marshall Furniture..

Open 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays and 3 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays.

Check us out on Facebook and our most recent photos and info!


— Norm Oeding is a Harvey County Farmers Market board member.