HALSTEAD — A steady hum of plastic pieces being connected along with constant conversation from the nearly 30 children assembled was heard Wednesday evening in the Halstead Public Library


Expressions of concentration, punctuated by quick glances at the clock, could be seen on the children's faces as they raced to create vehicles, landscapes and even whole scenarios at a Lego competition that kicked off the Old Settlers festival weekend.


Dominique Schutte, 11. said this was her fourth year to compete. She chose build a windmill scene for this year's competition.


"I practiced this three times," Dominique said.


She stacked white bricks to form the tower portion, then added tan-colored bricks to the green base.


"It's a weird color, but it's the closest color I can find for the wheat," Dominique explained.


She went on to add a road and car to her scene, along with the windmill which had blades that would spin.


Other children drew inspiration from popular movies like Harry Potter or Star Wars and several flying machines, from helicopters to spaceships, were constructed by participants.


"This is our ninth year of doing this," said Joleen Ross, director of the Halstead Public Library. "I think it's a good thing for us to have. We have a good space for it and I like doing it."


Ross was also pleased that the event brought in not only children, but their parents and grandparents.


"It amazes me that people will still say, 'we have a library? There's a library in Halstead?'" Ross said.


All the participants were given a certificate and candy to take home.


At the end of the night, judges looked at each child's entry and ranked them according to elements of design, color and creativity.


In the 6 to 9-year-old division, Cal Rice took first place, Owen Rains took second place and Emily O'Brien was awarded third place.


In the 10 to 12-year-old division, Brylee Willis took first place, Isaac Ashley took second place and Dominique Schutte was awarded third place.


In the 13 and older division, Thomas Burns was awarded first place.


The grand prize for the Lego competition went to Hudson Harrington.