Looking for crafts, vintage goods and homemade treats? Newton's Athletic Park is the place to be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, as the Market at the Park returns as part of this year's Harvey County Fair — following a successful debut last August.

"It's been welcomed into the community very well," said organizer Stephanie Kincaid.

Growing quickly, there are already 25 more vendors being added (nearly 100 total) in 2017 and even amid some frantic final preparations and last-minute cancellations, Kincaid said things are going pretty smoothly getting ready for the second year of the market. She said there were plenty of vendors on the waiting list to fill those spots and support for the event has been an outpouring — from the vendors to the community to city staff (i.e. the parks department) helping make arrangements.

New to the market this year will be the allowance of direct sales booths (individuals who buy goods from a company and sell them under that company's name), as well as an expanded food presence — with Newton Presbyterian Manor offering lunch (hot dogs, chips, pop) as a fundraiser and the Newton Kiwanis Club selling ice cream throughout the day, along with numerous vendors selling consumable products from Giggling Grapes Wine Jelly to A Perfect Cocktail.

Of course, there will be some new vendors as well, like local crafters and artists Shawn Dillon (The Gypsy Elephant), Kacie McGee (Rein-Creations) and Kristin Rivera (Peaks to Plains Tattoo Company). Opening up that experience to vendors was part of the intent of the market as well, Kincaid admitted.

"If they have anything vintage or just some new idea, or are looking to get into any kind of crafting, this would be the perfect place to do it," Kincaid said.

Reception to the inaugural event was extremely positive, Kincaid said, and the market will also see returning vendors this Saturday because of that. A goal Kincaid said she has is to make Market at the Park a destination event, much like the Taste of Newton — which she and her husband attend frequently.

As with Taste of Newton, the goal of Market in the Park is to highlight all that the community has to offer — from the goods to the setting — and help those in attendance take advantage of that.

"This kind of market is really the trend lately — anything vintage antique. It just is such a big trend that I wanted to be able to bring people in from the community just to understand because they see Hillsboro has their big arts and crafts fair and they see Vintage Market Days, and I wasn't sure they quite understand what that entitled," Kincaid said. "This brought everyone not only to the fair, but also down to the park to be able to enjoy the day seeing a lot of local crafters. I don't think that everyone knew that there were so many local crafters right here in Newton."

Markets activities, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, will go on rain or shine. For more information and a complete list of vendors, visit the Market at the Park Facebook page.