My name is Ronald Myers. My wife is Carolyn Myers. I just want to tell you how great they were to my wife who was having a very bad breathing problem.

We got here on Saturday, July 22 around 4:30 p.m. from Rock Hill, South Carolina. On Sunday around 6 p.m., my wife had to go to the Newton Medical Center. 

I took her to the ER and a very nice lady asked what we needed. I told them my wife couldn't breathe. They got a wheelchair and took her right back and there were three or four people in the room taking care of her. They stayed with her all the time. She was so scared! They were so great as they all worked on her like she was family. They did everything they could. They were the best I have ever seen.

My wife has been in several other hospitals because she has had a lot of health problems. The doctor came in and called her by name. He made her feel safe and assured her that he would help her, and he did. He was great! Everyone, starting at the ER, front desk and the staff in the ER room were great! I wish I knew each one of their names because they will be my family for life. I cannot tell in words how great they all were. The lady that took our insurance cards when we first went there was good too. She said she could wait till my wife was better. She was worrying about her. This is what I call a family hospital.

Then they took her to her room. Everyone around her helped her and treated her and me like family. They asked me if there was anything they could do for me! My wife was in there from Sunday about 6 p.m. till Wednesday about 3 p.m. What great staff you have working here. When you walk down the halls everyone would say "Hi." I have not seen that in any other hospital. When they said my wife could go home they told her "Good-bye." She had the very best doctors anyone could wish for.

They are the best of the best. Thank you, all who work at the Newton Medical Center! We will pray for you and we give God the praise for people like you!

—  Ron and Carolyn Myers, Rock Hill, South Carolina