The US House of Representatives and the Senate have many difficulties in coming up with repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act.  It is a complex situation to come up with an agreement with 531 members in Congress. Its strong points are to take care of preexisting conditions, having the son/daughter stay on the parent's health plan until the age of 26, not dropping a person from health insurance due to expensive needed care.

My thinking has always emphasized evaluating the causes for the high price of insurance and pharmaceuticals and remedy the problem. Certainly, there are  procedures available to lower those two costs. Having a single payer health insurance plan could certainly lower involved  expenses. Thus, payment would come from the same source as Medicare does. It minimizes/eliminates the costs of exchanges as is presently the case in the Affordable Health Care Act. Payment for medical services, then, comes directly from Medicare sources. Providing for the common welfare, as stated in the constitution, is poignant whereby all are covered with health insurance in the United States.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton