A night of fighting and drugs landed Joseph Collins of Newton in jail with a laundry list of charges including trafficking drugs in a correctional facility.


It all started with a fight over a cell phone with his girlfriend which led to his arrest. It ended with drug charges and a parole violation as he now sits in the Harvey County Jail.


“It started as a domestic,” said Lt. Scott Powell of the Newton Police Department. “They were arguing over a phone. He stole her phone, threw it at her, broke it, then grabbed it and threatened her and another girl that was there a couple of times and left.”


Powell said it was while Collins was gone that police first appeared. They wrote reports on the incident. Later, they were called back when Collins returned to the residence. Allegedly he was lighting a marijuana cigarette when officers entered the home.


Collins was arrested without incident, but his troubles were really only beginning.


When he was taken to the jail, he was “combative” with sheriff's deputies. That led to him being searched in a jail cell, rather than a holding room. As he was searched, things took a turn for the worse for Collins.


“We found marijuana in his pocket when we were doing the pat down. He tried to flush it, and that did not work,” sad Melissa Flavin, public information officer for the Sheriff' Department. “He reached in, pulled it out of his pocket and went to hand it to an officer when he turned around and dropped it into the toilet. There were enough officers around that we got it out before it flushed.”


He had been taken to a cell, rather than a holding room, because he was violent with officers. When he threw the drug into the toilet, one officer leapt over a half wall to assist in restraining Collins and recovering the marijuana.


Collins did not injure any officers.


He was charged with trafficking contraband in a correctional facility.


“Once they cross that line into the facility, if it is on them and they have not given it to officers, then it is trafficking,” Flavin said.


He was also charged with possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs, disorderly conduct, theft of property, criminal threat and domestic battery. According to the Newton Police Department, Collins was also wanted on a felony warrant by Harvey County.