I  have a much different view of the Israel dilemma than does Mr. Ediger.  (Letters, May 24)   After WW I the Balfour agreement gave Israel a large territory which was later carved up to form (Arabian) Jordan, reducing  Israel’s size dramatically.   Israel now has an area of around 80,000 square miles. About the size of New Jersey.  Arab lands exceed 2 million square miles. Arabs don’t need more land and Israel can’t afford to lose more land!  The purpose for accruing Israeli land is the destruction of Israel.  They have said so  themselves!   There has never been Palestinian state.  The area’s name came as a spite by the Romans in the first century AD.   In 1948 the “West bank”  was a  part of Jordan, not the fictional “Palestine”.     Israel has every right to build in that area.  There is plenty of land for Arabs in Arabian held lands.  There were no Jews in the “West bank” prior to 1967  because at that time the area was part of Jordan.   Calling Israel an army of occupation is pejorative.   High walls are there due to past actions of the Arabs.  They were necessitated by the continual suicide bombers,the intifada, and civil disobediences.   The Arabian desire for Israel’s land is motivated by their stated intent to “throws Israel into the Sea”  Annihilation  of the Jewish people.   Israel is fighting for their lives!  Literally!  The constant barrage of rockets coming from Gaza Is additional evidence of Arab hatred for the Jewish people.  Rockets claiming the lives of Israeli women and children.   Arabic Antiaircraft guns in Arabic school yards and on their roofs.  Arabic Military positions in heavily Arabic civilian areas.   Cowards hiding behind Arabic women and children.   The 700,000 Arabs displaced in 1948 left of their own accord, having been warned that the Arab nations planned to  attack Israel.   After the war they were held in Arabian camps under deplorable conditions for Arabic propaganda purposes.   God gave the land to Israel.  No one has the right to take it away from them.   Israel is the only friend we have in the Middle East.  Be thankful for them .     — Carl Johnson, Hesston.