Adults wanting to know more about the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” bullying and teen suicide will want to attend a special presentation provided by Prairie View clinicians Allyson Krehbiel, LSCSW, Mai Manchanda, T-LMLP, and Kylie Moore, LMFT.

The presentation will be 6:30 p.m. August 7 at Shalom Mennonite Church in Newton, 800 East First Street. 

 Time will be made available for those in attendance to ask the clinicians questions. A summary of each episode, as well as questions to begin a conversation, will also be available that evening.

“13 Reasons Why” looks at the life and death of Hannah Baker, a high-school girl who dies by suicide, and a series of tapes she left to her perceived bullies that unravel the mystery of her choice. 

Parents, educators, coaches, youth pastors and anyone who works or lives with teens are encouraged to attend the free presentation.

Sensitive topics not suitable for young children will be discussed. Young children are not encouraged to attend, and childcare will not be provided.