So, City of Newton. .. you think you need to charge downtown events a fee to hold their event. Good luck with that! Are you going to put up entry gates and charge the public admission to the event ... I have never been to a outdoor car show that I had to pay to get in. Or wait, no. .. you'll just charge the event organizers ... wonder how that will turn out. Mr. White and Mr. Baughman would have to raise the entry fee to the car enthusiasts have a definite limit as to how much they will pay to enter their vehicle in an event, and Newton could very well price themselves out of the market. 

But okay, go ahead and charge the fees if you must ... but just remember what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Don't forget to charge the Chamber for their "A Taste of Newton" event, the Downtown merchants for the Christmas parade, the Harvey County Fair board for their parade, and good old Newton High School for their homecoming parade!

Let me know how that turns out. 

— Bruce Funk, Newton