This weekend will be the first ever "Kickin' and Screamin' Kickball Tournament" on the campus of Ember Hope, what was once Youthville.  


Fun for all ages


Teams can consist of any mixture of age and gender. Young and old, male and female are all invited to join in. Teams can consist of up to 15 players. There are two divisions to choose from: Competitive and Fun. The Competitive Bracket will be for those looking for an intense sporting event and the Fun Bracket will be for those who would like to play with their family, youth groups or groups looking to have some fun.



A good cause


All of the funds raised during the tournament will benefit New Hope Shelter, a homeless shelter operating on the campus of what was once Youthville.



Ice cream

At 7 p.m. there will be an awards presentation and an ice cream social fundraiser.



When: 9 a.m. July 22

Where: 900 W. Broadway, (The former Youthville Campus), Building 7.

How much: Team registration is $300, with a limited number of spots available the day of. No admission for those who want to watch. The ice cream social is by donation.