After throwing around juggling pins, bowling balls and other objects for about 45 minutes in front of about 200 children at the Newton Public Library Wednesday, entertainer Richard Holmgren of Salina wanted to deliver a message to those children. 

He got serious for a half of a second, then delivered his message with as much seriousness as the comedian and juggler could muster. 

"Who has something you love to do every day?" Holmgren asked. Hands shot up throughout the room. "Wouldn't it be great if you could make your living doing that?"

He then let the children attending Family Time Fun know for him, that one thing was juggling — and where that has taken him. 

"I have seen a lot of exotic places," he said. "I've been to South Dakota, North Dakota ... "

He was half joking. He left out locations like Toronto, Canada and tours through Mexico. 

Holmgren learned to juggle in fourth grade gym class. He has practiced ever since, working on new tricks and creating a show that helps him earn a living. He unabashedly told children at the library Wednesday juggling is his passion. 

And he gave them advice — not only about following dreams, but since everyone was in the library how to get started following those passions and dreams. 

"Find that thing for yourself," Holmgren said. "Come to library and find books on that and then read, read, read."