HOPE Home Repair is a 501c3 that helps low income elderly and handicapped homeowners with home repairs.

HOPE had a project to re-paint the exterior of an elderly widow’s house last fall. The details could not be worked out before cold weather happened, so the next option was to wait until spring.

In February, Sylvia Bartel, of JP Weigand Realty, called to ask if there were volunteer opportunities that a group of realtors could do? ABSOLUTELY!

Fast forward to June and the house is done! Three crews from JP Weigand, Berkshire Hathaway, and RE/MAX staff gave half day shifts to do the painting work. In addition, B & B Lumber donated some painting supplies for these volunteers. A couple guys from Faith Mennonite Church finished up a few touch up details. It looks beautiful!

HOPE would like to express a hearty thank you to Sylvia, the members of the Harvey County Council of Realtors, Faith church and B & B Lumber to get this project completed. It was great fellowship working together! The widowed homeowner is overjoyed that her home once again is protected from the weather. THANK YOU!

— HOPE Home Repair Board of Directors