Thinking about a block party for July 4? It is possible to have your street closed to allow for food, fun and fireworks on your block — but time is of the essence to get it approved.


“The fourth of July is our busiest time for that,” said Erin McDaniel, director of communications for the city. “... City crews go out and set the barricades. Often we have to turn people away.”


The city will allow for a temporary street closure. For that to occur, there is a street closure form and a $25 fee to be turned into city hall.


McDaniel said as the tents go up for fireworks stands, things start heating up for block parties — and questions about the legal use of fireworks in Newton.


“Fireworks are only allowed on private property,” McDaniel said. “Not in public parks or on the streets.”


She told the Kansan the city knows people light those in the street, and a street closure is one of the ways people work around the rules.


The city has a limited number of barricades that can be used, meaning there are a limited number of street closure approvals available for block parties. McDaniel said those are generally done on a first come, first served basis.


Fireworks sales and discharge in Newton this year will be for five days — June 30 through July 4. That is not a departure from one year ago. Sales must end by midnight July 4.


At last check, seven permits for fireworks stands had been paid for and approved. City clerk Denise Duerksen told The Kansan she expects at least one more before tents open. To operate a tent, an organization must pay a $2,500 fee in addition to a $1,000 security deposit.


Fireworks users can light fireworks from  10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day June 30 through July 3. On the fourth of July, fireworks can be used from 7 a.m. to midnight.  


Fireworks stands in Newton

Friends of the Harvey County ERT (Permit pending)

1001 N. Main


TNM Fireworks


1525 N. Main


TNT Fireworks

1701 S. Kansas Avenue


Farah Fireworks, LLC dba Block Buster Fireworks

1223 Washington Road


Ka-Boomer’s ½ Price Fireworks


105 Manchester Avenue


Wholesale Fireworks Enterprises, LLC  (3 different locations)

601 SE 36th Street

1501 East 1st Street

401 N. Meridian