Simple, poignant and brief are three words that could describe a ceremony to remember the fallen law enforcement officers of Harvey County May 18 at the Harvey County Law Enforcement Center. 

In front of dozens of people, some decision makers, some officers, some civil servants and some just curious onlookers, members  of the Community Chaplain Response Team reflected on the sacrifices made in the past — and especially on the ultimate sacrifice given by some. It is a sacrifice that should never go unnoticed, nor ever belittled. 

In the past 18 months Harvey County first responders, and in particular law enforcement officers, have responded to some very, very difficult situations. They have protected the community from some pretty dangerous people — they do that every day. They are, truly, every day heroes. 

It was good to stop and remember the fallen. Carlos B. King, whose end of watch was Sept. 23, 1871; Albert "Jack" Dufriend, whose end of watch was Nov. 22, 1928; Harry L. Bolin, whose end of watch was June 17, 1932; and Kurt Ford, whose end of watch was April 9, 2005.

This is also a time to thank those who serve. The CCRT provided law enforcement with a pat on the back and a barbecue dinner. A great gesture. We here are offering our words, that is what we have to offer. We also would encourage the greater community to offer a thank you as well.

We pray we never have to add a name to a list of the fallen or another plaque to the memorial on Seventh. We hope those prayers offer up the protection needed in return for the protection given by the fine men and women wearing blue uniforms.

— Kansan Editorial Board