About half the spots in the Summer Enrichment Activities for Kids program are already taken, which has program organizers encouraging parents who may wish to enroll their kids to get the process completed.

“We are encouraging people to sign up as soon as possible,” said Jennifer Rose, a program organizer and director of Peace Connections. “We have 40 spots. That number has always been limited because of space, being in the school, and the number of staff.”

The program is an activity program that meets in the morning four days each week through July 20. 

“The theme is animal kingdom,” Rose said. “Our funding has been blessed and I think we will be able to do some very fun and interesting things. We have brought the mobile dairy unit in before, and kids have seen a milking demonstration. They had “The Bug Lady” in the past, with her critters. With this being animal kingdom, I think there will be a lot of fun things.”

The program features educational activities, special programs, reading activities, crafts and games overseen by school staff.

It is free, though registration is required. Registration can be done at Peace Connections, 601 N. Main.

“This is something to keep the kids there half the day, keep them busy and have fun,” Rose said. “I know they always play 'book bingo,' have gym time and those kinds of things. They play bingo and if they win the kids get to pick out books. I know they always enjoy that.”

The summer activities program grew out of a summer food program. The summer food program provides meals for children, this year using the Slate Creek Elementary School cafeteria. In 2016 the summer food program served 8,600 meals. Since inception in 2006, the USDA funded program has served 88,600 meals to children between the ages of one and 18 in Harvey County. There is no registration required for the meal program.

This year there will also be a summer supper program, offered to families from 5:30 to 6:30 at Chisholm Middle School.

For more information on the meal program or SEAK, call Peace Connections at 284-0000.