I am writing a message in regards to the kindness and compassion of one of our local clothing stores here in town, Agape Resource. They have served many people over the years and continue to struggle it out to keep open. We so appreciate the willingness and devotion they have to help people in need. They have helped many years an hope to continue to serve the community as long as they can. It is a non profit, therefore they rely on donations and food help as they come in so they can help the community. We are so grateful to the Director who keeps the store alive. They need donations from time to time help keep utilities going for them to operate. We pray that more people will do that to help them stay open, as a lot of ones depend on us as they do other agencies. Without all people would not get what is necessary for families in need. Thank you so much for hanging in there and keeping things going and we all hope to see donations helping the need they have. God Bless.   — Margaret Jones, Newton