One had to wonder just a few days ago when President Trump turned to his guest at the White House,  the Prime Minister of Australia, and said,"Your country's health care system is better than ours."   Maybe the President had been checking on the Internet where there is a great deal of information about this subject.   It is quite surprising, even shocking. to see just where the United States ranks in this matter. 

This barrier to decent lives for so many people because of lack of health care is a barrier that has been present for so many years. It is hard to realize how many families are devastated, their lives shattered, by health care costs. It's unimaginable to think of the absolute despair people experience when poor health with no place to go for help leads them to destructive acts and behaviors. One should ask now:  who are the Political People and the Big Money Interests that have denied this life-saving,  life-giving possibility to become real?    This is the time when concerned Americans should get informed and get active to let our Senators know that  America can not become great unless we get health insurance and affordable health care for all our people in this country. — Josephine Schmidt, North Newton