Knowing how busy life can be, a couple of local churches are looking to ease access to materials that will help their members deepen their faith. Both Koerner Heights and Grace Community Church have partnered with RightNow Media to offer the streaming service's library of videos (more than 10,000 total) to their congregations, with resources ranging from Bible studies to sermons to conferences and more.

The "Netflix of Bible study videos," pastors from both churches noted offering this service was initially targeted as a tool for small group studies, while they also see it having a greater impact among the community as a whole.

"We want to use it for our church family, but we want to share it liberally," said Koerner Heights Pastor Dave Froese. "Hopefully it will encourage and enable people to grow in their understanding of God and their relationship with him."

Launching the service this past weekend, Froese noted he hopes as many members as possible will take advantage of this opportunity. While Froese admitted the congregation can expect use of the service in church — with one Sunday School class already doing so for a few months — he also said that church members will have access to RightNow Media from anywhere, as long as they have an internet-connected device.

Difficult as it can be to ask for help sometimes, Froese said he is hopeful that the streaming service might be utilized to give church members strength through some tough situations (i.e. family, marriage or financial issues).

"We want to strengthen the individuals in the family, because we realize that we can only impact so many people, but now they can make individual, personal choices to seek help," Froese said.

Grace Community Church has been utilizing RightNow Media for a bit longer, with Worship and Community Life Pastor Kyle Schanbacher noting it has been offered to the congregation there since January 2016, with a similar intent.

Schanbacher said the church saw RightNow Media as an extremely useful tool for small group ministry, of which roughly 50 percent of the church population takes part. While this service helps more easily facilitate discussion in those small groups (eliminating intensive planning), Schanbacher said it is also a great resource for anyone to grow in their biblical knowledge and develop as a follower of Christ.

Partnering with RightNow Media was an easy decision, both Froese and Schanbacher admitted, because it is something both churches could offer their congregations for free and it fit very smoothly into their ideologies.

"The churches and the teachers and authors that they partner with are the kind of teachers and churches that we would partner with, so we trust the teaching that's on there," Schanbacher said. "We don't feel like we need to do a lot of filtering."

Additionally, the library has something to reach church members of all ages, with children's content (i.e. Veggie Tales) that Froese said only helps boost the message even further.

"Just to enable parents to pour into the life of their children in really constructive ways," Froese said, "(we) just saw it as tremendously strengthening individuals and families particularly."