Essence Yarbrough opened De-Stress Foot Reflexology, 610 ½ N Main, Newton early December 2014 with all the pomp and circumstance associated with a new business   a ribbon cutting, photos in the local paper and a influx of new customers wanting to check things out.

Her office, in one of the smallest storefronts downtown, is now gone.

“It was a hole in the wall place there, and it was really cute,” Yarbrough said. “I was some people's 'little nook.'"

She chose to move out. But she is still in business.

“I work with small family groups and businesses now,” Yarbrough said. “I am looking at health facilities.”

Reflexology is defined by Merriam-Webster as the massage of the hands or feet based on the belief that pressure applied to specific points on these extremities benefits other parts of the body. It is a work she is passionate about, and is now taking mobile.

“I am meeting people where they are,” Yarbrough said. “Especially in Newton and surrounding areas. It can be hard to get somewhere else during the day. Everybody is at work during the day. One of the things that has benefitted people is coming on the job. I have come during their lunch breaks and businesses have had me come and work on their staff.”

She told The Kansan her work can help workplace morale.

In addition to heading to workplaces, Yarbrough is now able to serve another part of the market — shut-ins and people who can not get around very well.

“Being mobile is hugely beneficial for them. They are always saying 'thank you for coming,'” Yarbrough said. “It is also safer for some of my older clients. They don't have to get out and try and get around.”

Yarbrough said reflexology massage releases pressure from the buildup of stress, relaxing the area and the nerve connection of the suffering body part.

“It relieves tension within their bodies, and within their thinking,” Yarbrough said. “... It helps people go further, go longer. That is why athletes do this.”

Yarbrough said her service is not a luxury, but a necessity for normal healthy living.

“It is vital to health,” Yarbrough said “People are driven to the doctor's office and it is stress related. It is an issue. Stress creates underlying issues.”

Her mobile business can be reached at 316-804-0412.