BURRTON — A recent educational project at Burrton High School has paid off — literally — bringing the school $1,000.


"I just love to do projects with the kids, especially if there's any chance to bring in money, we'll try it, because we are so limited," said Dana Kreie, who teaches eighth through twelfth grade family and consumer science. "This time, it panned out with a little bit of prize money."


Kreie could not say why the envelope from the Popcorn Board caught her eye, but she decided her class would participate in the Popcorn Pep Club Contest.


"Any school can decide to do a project," Kreie said. "It's promoting a whole grain snack at the school."


The high school students planned lessons and activities for two class periods for each of the lower grades at Burrton.


"We kept their hands busy by making a land of Oz out of popcorn," Kreie said. "All the while, learning about healthy snacking. It got to be really involved."


Pre-K through fifth grade students learned popcorn jingles, grew popcorn plants, used a popcorn math grid and learned about the science of growing popcorn. The students also constructed animals, buildings, plants and a tornado for the Emerald City display.


"It's so nice here at Burrton, because we're all under one roof," Kreie noted. "The high schoolers can walk down the hall to do activities with the elementary kids. ...We don't waste any time."


For their final project, the family and consumer science class created a video showing pictures of the younger grades learning about popcorn, a tour of the three-dimensional Emerald City created with popcorn and a mannequin challenge of themselves working on the projects.


"I have never slipped on more popcorn than I have in my classroom these past few months," Kreie said. "There was popcorn everywhere."


The submission earned Burrton High School a second place finish in the contest. The $1,000 prize will be used to fund other school projects.


Burrton High School's popcorn video can be viewed on Youtube athttps://youtu.be/QgWDYNAB0kk.


For more information about the Popcorn Pep Club Contest, visit http://popcorn.org.