There have been numerous innovative methods used to record what happened in situations involving classroom discipline. Technological utilization has certainly assisted in this area. Thus, body cameras , visible and on the teacher, can be turned on when necessary to document pupil misbehavior and means of discipline used. A few weeks ago, media reported a resource person in a school who jerked a girl out of her seat, pulled her hair, and tossed her around. A negative way to handle pupil misbehavior is an inappropriate means of remedying discipline problems. If pupils accept this model, no doubt, they will mimic this behavior to other pupils and in society.

With body recorders, the discipline situation can be analyzed and studied, hopefully resulting in more appropriate methods. It also presents a challenge to pupils that misbehavior will be recorded; thus in the end making for a better learning environment. Both pupils and teachers need to be accountable for a quality learning environment. There need to be consequences of an act for misbehavior, using acceptable methods discipline, such as time out or detention procedures. Parents must back up the use of approaches, approved upon, to assist in providing an environment of growth, achievement, and progress. Schools are places whereby pupils

* attain optimally in science, social studies, mathematics, and the language arts, among others

* learn proper behavior in the classroom and on the playground, as well as in society

* realize that each lesson taught builds on previous learnings and misbehavior interrupts sequential progress in teaching and learning situations

The best predictor for graduation from secondary school and ultimately entering higher education, resulting in successful completion of course work,is to apply the self presently in doing well in the school curriculum. Body cameras and technology use can certainly be of assistance here.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton