While it may not rise to the level of a crime spree, a few extra car burglaries has at least on local police department putting some extra patrols in the streets at night.


“We don't have them very often at all,” said Jim Bethards, deputy chief of North Newton. “All of these were in the Kidron Bethel Area. We are doing some extra patrols at night, just to see who is out and about.”


Bethards said the department took three reports of vehicular burglaries over the most recent weekend, more than normal for the community. During the same time span, Newton took two reports of vehicular burglaries.


No damage to vehicles was reported. The largest loss recorded in North Newton was $20.


In all of the burglaries reported, cars were left unlocked.


“They were all unlocked vehicles that people took cash and change out of,” Bethards said. “They are a crime of opportunity — someone is out late at night and looking for an opportunity and a car unlocked. This time there were electronics and things in the vehicles that were not disturbed at all. They were only after cash and change.”


Lt. Scott Powell with the Newton Police Department called car burglaries “crimes of opportunity,” and that the Newton Police Department usually sees one or two a week. The last two reported both happened on the same night.


“Usually when you get one, the same people are going to do it until they get caught,” Powell said. “... We usually get one or two a week anyway.”