Insurance took center stage at Monday's meeting of the Harvey County Commission, as the Kansas County Association Multiline Pool (KCAMP) made its annual presentation to the commissioners.

KCAMP administrator David Luke reviewed some positive changes with the commission, noting KCAMP memberships has grown from 60 to 66 counties (out of 105) over the past three years. Additionally, service has grown in the past year to include insurance coverage for drones to member counties as well as for defense costs (regarding custody in multi-jurisdictional cases), as Luke noted the organization aims to provide broad coverage for its member base.

Pooling the resources allows for price stability, Luke said, something KCAMP members look for. While 2016 saw an inordinate numbers of insurance losses for some members (though not Harvey County), that approach helps soften the blow.

"Generally, we like to see that members absorb the loss for the member that had a bad year," Luke said.

Costs this year spiked due to wind and hail damage, for the most part, but Luke noted it all evens out over time. The reverse scenario also provides an advantage, with members sharing the dividends from years of coverage surplus. The first ever dividends were received last fall and Luke noted the Harvey County Commission will be receiving $4,470 of that surplus based on their length of membership with KCAMP.

It was pointed out that the three-year program will renew in the fall if the commission so chooses. With a number of programs to utilize (i.e. attorney assist, online universities), the commission had a few questions for Luke, with commissioner Chip Westfall asking about the structure and use of the cyber program in particular.

Luke noted there was only one potential claim through the cyber program over the past year, which ended up being filed through the crime program instead, but KCAMP just increased the limit of that coverage from $250,000 to $500,000. Also, he stated that there is a lot of information regarding safe online practices on the KCAMP website.

"There's a lot of guidance in that portal for our members to use," Luke said.

Westfall was also curious if the Harvey County Sheriff's Office would be meeting with KCAMP on cyber issues, with assistant county administrator Anthony Swartzendruber informing the commission a meeting had already been arranged.

In other business, the county commission:

Noted an upcoming joint meeting with the district water shed, as well as an aviation meeting that was postponed to two weeks from Monday.
Heard from county administrator John Waltner of a scheduled meeting with Sheriff Chad Gay to adjust the proposed county tobacco policy, which should be brought to the commission for a final vote on Feb. 21.
Learned from county appraiser Craig Clough that a settlement has been reached on a foreclosed apartment property in Halstead owned by Ozzy Reckess, similar to the agreement determined for the hospital property in December, with tax payments now current for both properties. With the taxes taken care of, an amended valuation was also agreed on for the apartment property.
Approved resolution 2017-4 for the sale of surplus equipment from the Road and Bridge Department, pending the Historical Society selecting a cabinet from the department to house maps.
Agreed to plans to improve a BNSF railroad crossing with lights and arms northeast of Walton near the intersection of Rock Road and Highway 50.
Was informed that all items at the recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting were approved, including licensure for Grace Hill Winery to sell liquor by the drink (with no opposition) and a conditional use for a resident to sell excess gravel and mulch off his property.
Parks Director Kass Miller noted the department is wrapping up its calendar of events for 2017.
Discussed finalizing dates for the budget calendar, namely department hearings and the all-day budget session, so the commission will be able to take any necessary action by the required deadlines.
Approved bids from Rusty Eck Ford for a half-ton Ford F-150 pickup ($30,112.56) and a three-quarter ton Ford F-250 pickup ($30,441.12), the lowest of four bids received, pending approval that they meet all the specifications required by the Parks Department.