There was no murder, nor trace of one, but a short homicide investigation led to the arrest of a deaf and mute woman in Newton. 

Christy L. Yates of Newton was visiting a friend's home Feb 10 when she started communicating that there had been a murder in her home. According to the Newton Police Department, through an interpreter, she was able to get an audience with a police officer. Through that interpreter and the use of the written word, she reported that a 14-year-old was dead in her home. 

"She reported there was someone dead in her house with blood everywhere," said Lt. Scott Powell of the Newton Police Department. 

Patrol officers immediately went to her home. They found one person at home, who allowed officers to enter the home and search for evidence of the reported murder. They found nothing. 

"We had a lot of people respond to the house, they thought it was a homicide," Powell said. "... It took a shift to talk to her, go to house and check it out." 

Yates was arrested and booked into the Harvey County Jail, charged with Interference with a law enforcement officer: falsely reporting a crime.