There is much debate about carrying guns into college classrooms and surrounding areas. Having taught 30 years on the university level, I am definitely opposed to carrying firing arms on campus. There certainly are involved dangers if guns were acceptable on any campus. First of all, college/universities are places to learn, achieve, and grow in knowledge and skills.The focal point is on learning and not on carrying weapons. An environment needs to exist in which students feel wanted and accepted with respect for others being stressed. Harrassing, bullying, and sexual exploitation must be completely avoided. All forms of violence are definitely unacceptable, and handguns must not contribute to unacceptable behaviors.

Topics discussed may cause considerable emotion and feeling and with a lack of self control, a dogmatic individual may resort to force to stop the the discussion of what is not agreed upon. Or getting even with someone, may resort in the using of guns. The lack of self control in using a handgun to kill/wound may forever ruin the person's future. Prison, instead of pursuing one's lawful goals, might well be an extreme end result. 

Down playing violence needs to be an end objective in colleges and universities. The following must be stressed;

*  emphasizing critical and creative thinking in the classroom or place of learning. Analyzing ideas in terms of worth needs to be stressed, rather than feeling threatened by the new and the different.

*  viewing the consequences of an act would definitely assist students to avoid  violent intents.

*  having psychological services available for students needing help in mental health.

*  stressing the importance of high quality human behavior. The instructor as well as students can reveal acceptable models.

*  possessing a multicultural center in which students learn about and accept individuals of different cultures, rather than criticizing and ostracizing.

It is up to each person to be accountable and take responsibility for ensuing actions. Self control of emotions is vital. Working out disagreements amicably, rather than resorting to violent behavior in any form, must be in the offing.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton