Oct. 8 Doris Unruh reported frost on the roof of their rural home, northeast of Walton. Other than a chill, another beautiful morning at Harvey County Farmers Market.  One customer  told of scraping frost on his windshield.


Oct. 15 was our last market of the season.  We still had vendors with nice tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.  Many business friendships, lots of wholesome, nutritious food, high quality crafts, educational sharing and the anticipation  of next season. In the meantime, there are many vendors that will be busy in the off season, and some with year round products for commerce, and your convenience.

Rosie Swift had a few more craft items for sale, and she is a Jayhawk fan.  Some of her work  leans toward the theme of red and blue.  Hopefully she can bring some KSU purple and Shocker gold next year.


The local Knights of Columbus had Tootsie Roll day at HCFM. Offerings for the candy go to help the handicapped here in Harvey County.  Special Olympics is funded in part by K of C.  Tootsie Rolls is one of several local projects that benefit those with special needs.  Many  member Knights were at various other locations through out the community for the weekend. 

There is a forthcoming election in a few weeks.  I usually vote and will continue to do so, with great apprehension!

Jim Hightower, former Texas Secretary of Agriculture, once said:  ''If the gods had intended us to vote, they would have given us candidates!''


— Norm Oeding is a board member of the Harvey County Farmer's Market.