I drove over 750 miles (one-way) to attend the Brad Paisley "Country Nation Tour" held outdoors on October 13th at a parking lot adjacent to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. For me, it was a chance to see two 2nd cousins of mine, plus an 85 year old first cousin of my late Dad. Plus, I later discovered  three of my young distant Marples-cousins from Broken Bow --all three of whom are students at the University of Nebraska were at the concert with me, too.  Although unbeknownst to me at first, it was a quasi family reunion for relatives to attend a concert-in-common.. Mr. Paisley is a member of the Masonic Lodge and Shriners, as I am. He does a lot to help children in hospitals as well as kids in Speech and Language clinics, as well as aged Masons in Old-Age Homes. For that, I salute Mr. Paisley. He is age 43 and I am age 52, so we are among the fewer "young Masons" around. His dad is a Mason and so was my late Dad. I like Mr. Paisley's musical talent. He could literally make his guitar "sing". On a cold night in Nebraska: He fired-up the University-audience which spanned the generations. Plus he saluted the late Nebraska punter Sam Foltz. I was likewise wearing a "Huskers" ball cap. I especially enjoyed Mr. Paisley's sound and light-show which was spectacular. One funny part of the concert was a cartoon-like skit similar to TV's "South Park" which spoofed modern dysfunctional Society. Mr Paisley is musician with talent..and a truly class act.

— James A.  Marples, Esbon