Patriot Pawn, 819 N. Main, has raised funds to help one of its own who is suffering from cancer.

The business held a drawing, Tuesday, for a Springfield MI Garand gun. At around 1 p.m., Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton and Newton Police Chief Jim Daily arrived at the store to administer the drawing.

Out of 100 tickets sold over the past week, Brody Flavin, of Hesston, had the winning draw. At $20 per ticket, $2,000 was raised. The money will go to medical expenses for an employee from Patriot Pawn's McPherson store. The employee asked that her name not be used.

This was the second gun drawing Patriot Pawns has held in the past month. In July, Patriot Pawn donated a gun to a silent auction for someone suffering from cancer

In October, Patriot Pawn will donate another gun for another silent auction to be held for Jen Stucky, Oct. 4.

"My dad died of cancer so when one of these things comes up, we're all over it," Bob Mowery, director of operations at Patriot Pawn said.

Bart Kellum, owner of Patriot Pawn, said, "Our locally owned businesses can support and help in ways that our government can't. We can help in a timely fashion.

"It takes a village to raise a child," Kelly said. "It takes a community to build each other up."