Private sector jobs are created by investors and entrepreneurs, who dedicate their time, expertise and capital. Creating a private sector job involves a risk taken by a business owner to create the work environment, provide the training, daily work instruction, and subsequently provide the products and services the world is ready to buy. Politicians take no such risk.

Jobs are created in spite of government interference with regulations, work place standards, and mandated fringe benefits. We do not agree that the government should be taking a portion of our profits via Income Taxes and part of the employees’ wages via paycheck deductions on the theory they are better at creating jobs.

Politicians who claim to have created private sector jobs are usually those people in government that take money from business and taxpayers so they can give it to their lobbyists friends.

The government misallocates capital by taking it from one sector and giving it to another so politicians can claim they created the jobs provided by their friends, who then finance their re-election campaigns.

No, you did not create 55,000 private sector jobs and to claim that you did implies you intend to mislead the public.

The people who create jobs are the ones who sign IRS Certifications they have complied with the complex and personally dangerous IRS regulations.

Mr. politician, have you ever signed IRS Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return or IRS Form 940 Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return? Have you ever filed a Corporate Tax return as an employer?

Have you ever signed a personal guarantee at the Bank in order to borrow money to pay employees when economic conditions are bad?

I doubt you have ever created a private sector job in your entire political career. You who have been in government for a long time have no concept of what it means to create jobs in the private sector.

Your claim that you have created 55,000 jobs displays an ignorance of what it means to create a private sector jobs. Your claim reveals an arrogance only a career politician can possess.

What we really want to know is  how you are doing with the job we created for you. Do you remember the one where you made a promise to God to do your best to protect the people from government? This is what we pay you to do. Remember?

—Earl Long, Overland Park