Newton Kansan

The Harvey County Emergency Response Team was on-hand Wednesday afternoon in a stand-off with a  man barricaded in his home at 514 E. Sixth St.

At around 2 p.m. the man, described as a white male in his early 20s, exited the house and surrendered to authorities without incident. Police are not releasing the suspect's name.

The ERT never had to enter the home. There were no injuries.

Police were notified after the man showed up at his workplace, Norcraft, and threatened the lives of three individuals, then left, Newton Police Lt. Craig Dunlavy said.

"He made very specific threats to specific people," Dunlavy said. "They felt the threat was very credible."

Upon law enforcement's arrival, the five other occupants left the house. They were the suspect's girlfriend, a male and female roomate, a newborn infant and a two-year-old whom they were baby-sitting, Dunlavy said.

Newton Public Information Officer Erin McDaniel said neighbors were evaucated from their homes for their safety.

Dunlavy said there were no phones in the home. Officers used a bullhorn to communicate with the man.

"He never communicated with us," Dunlavy said. "He appeared at the front door and upon orders from police, he came out and was taken into custody without incident."

The man was taken to the Newton Police Dept. for questioning. He was detained for making a criminal threat, Dunlavy said.