The banners were put up recently, and computers unpacked Thursday afternoon at the Democratic Party Headquarters of Harvey County.

There are no "local" candidates for the party to support come November, but there are some state and federal races. One of those candidates — Perry Schuckman — visited the office Thursday afternoon.

Schuckman is challenging incumbent Mike Pompeo (R-Wichita) for the U.S. Representative seat for Kansas District 4.

"We are running a serious campaign for the federal representative seat," Schuckman said.

He faces a well financed incumbent, but Shuckman said he is prepared.

"I have to work my butt off," Schuckman said. "I have proven over the years in my work with non-profits … that I can do things thriftily and successfully."

Thursday he spoke about the importance of NASA funding and how he believes it affects not only the Aerospace industry of Wichita, but technology development in general for the United States. He said George W. Bush announced a goal of placing a man on Mars by 2020.

However, a lack of funding has stymied that goal. It is one he wants congress — specifically the House of Representatives — to make a priority.

"I have one modification of that goal," Schuckman said. "The first person to step on Mars needs to be a woman."

Schuckman watched his opponent win a primary — and in reading the tea leaves of the recent Republican primary believes the timing may be right for him to mount a challenge.

"I think we saw protest votes in the primary," Schuckman said. "It is a positive indicator that moderate Republicans want to look at something different."