An oversight, which is what police are calling the incident, could have ended much worse when a 2 year old child got ahold of gun in Newton today.

"It was just an oversight by the grandfather," said officer Bryan Hall with the Newton Police Department.

At 10:39 a.m. today officers were dispatched to Newton Medical Center on a report of a 2 year old child suffering from a gunshot wound. The investigation determined the wound was self inflicted, and a result of a firearm being left within the child's reach while visiting a grandparent's home.

"Thankfully the child's injury is minor," the police department posted on Facebook. "We at the Newton Police Department hope this incident helps remind everyone of the need to be vigilant when it comes to firearm safety. If you don't have a safe, or a trigger lock, we encourage you to stop by the law enforcement center during business hours to receive a free gun lock courtesy of Project Childsafe."

According to the Newton Police Department the child's grandfather, who has a valid conceal and carry permit, had put the gun down while unloading luggage at the couple's home in the 900 block of Cherry Hills Drive. The child was going to spend the weekend at their grand parent's home. The gun owner told his wife to watch the child. While he was outside, the phone rang in the next room and the child's grandmother went to answer it.

The child picked up the gun and it discharged. A bullet struck the child's finger and then exited the home before striking a neighboring house.

Hall said the injury to the child was "minor."