A new school year will soon be upon us.

The opportunities for education are great in the school setting. Pupils need to avail themselves in learning, not only for what exists for the present, but also to build on these learnings for future choices to be made in life. Many have regretted the times wasted in school when, instead, they should have studied diligently to achieve, grow, and develop. I well remember teaching in the Middle East, fifty years ago, when a young bedouin got off the bus between Jerusalem and Jericho to walk the rest of the way in the country to his tent to resume nomadic life. That is a harsh life, living in a tent and assisting in herding sheep and goats. All bedouin are thin, and no doubt, very underweight due to a lack of food. Their chances for achievement in the language arts, mathematics, science, and the social studies, along with the fine arts, and physical education, are indeed very limited. Thus, where there are ample opportunities to learn from a variety of reading sources, audio visual aids, and computer/electronic materials, pupils need to become wholeheartedly involved in attaining relevant understandings, skills, and positive attitudes. It does not take long before pupils of today are the adults of tomorrow with needed abilities in the work force to make their many contributions for an improved society. Thus, pupils need to pay careful attention to each learning activity in class, complete assignments on time, as well as put forth much effort to do the best possible in life's endeavors. If subject matter is not understood, the pupil needs to ask for assistance, as in solving an arithmetic word problem. Great chances are in the offing!

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton