For all who are critical of those not welcoming a share of the 50,000 Young Illegals from coming to Newton, I have a few questions.

Why are you focusing on the 50,000 Young Illegals who somehow magically appeared in America, having been abandoned and neglected by their parents?

They're sent through a "Coyote Pipeline" where most of them are raped, starved, beaten, robbed and enslaved. By the standards used in this country, if those children were American Citizens, they'd be placed in permanent Foster Care, the Parental Rights of their Birth Parents Terminated, and then placed for Adoption. IF an adoptive home can be found.

There are an average of 397,000 kids in Foster Care in America. There are close to 150,000 children awaiting an Adoptive Home. Almost 6,000 Foster kids and 1,000 awaiting Adoption Placements live in Kansas.

So for all the people critical of those not welcoming these 50,000 Young Illegals?

Why are you neglecting Kansas Kids?

Will you open up your home to a Kansas Foster Child and/or a Kansas Foster Child needing an Adoptive Home?

Wouldn't that be the "Christian" thing for you to do? Especially since so many of you are commenting negatively on the Christian Status of those who aren't welcoming them.

Is it "Christian" or "Charitable" if it's your time, money, efforts and home life you're committing? Or is it only "Christian" or "Charitable" when you commit someone else's time, money, efforts and home life?

When you have Foster Homes for the 6,000 Kansas Kids needing Foster Care and Adoptive Homes for the 1,000 Kansas Kids in Foster Care awaiting Adoption Placement, then maybe there'll be time, money, space and homes for those Young Illegals.

Before you put them at the top of the priority list, will you please make sure and come up with enough taxpayer money to provide services for the 3,000 Kansas Kids awaiting Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services and who in many cases have been on that waiting list for seven years?

After all, "It's For The Children".

Or do you place a higher value on Young Illegals than you do Kansas Kids?

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead