The Newton Police Department has made two arrests in connection with an assault against two teen girls by suspects who allegedly used a blowgun.

Two people have been arrested, one 32 year old male and one 29 year old female. The Newton Police Department are not releasing the names of the suspects pending the completion of an investigation of the case.

According to police, the incident happened in the evening of July 26 when two girls — one age 12 the other 14 — were swimming in Sand Creek between the 1500 block of North Main and the railroad bridge to the east of Main Street. An adult couple who were fishing the creek in that area threw objects at the girls before using a blow gun to launch darts at the teens. One of the darts struck a 14 year old in the foot as she attempted to block the dart. According to the police, the dart penetrated about one and a half inches into the teen's foot.

The male was arrested for aggravated battery. The woman was arrested for obstruction of the investigation.