Sometimes, music can touch lives in a way that other messages can't.

Essence Yarbrough is a believer in the power of ministry through music, and she hopes those who are hurting, struggling and in need of encouragement will come to a free concert at New Jerusalem Missions.

The Epudemic Missions Tour will make a stop at the ministry Aug. 12. There will be a free dinner at 6 p.m., followed by a concert at 7 p.m. at 209 E. Broadway in Newton.

"They minister to those who have a rough background or are going through rough times, period — people dealing with drugs, addictions, abuses," she said. "... We're praying for people who just feel led to come, just that their hearts be open."

The event will feature music from a performer named Sevin, who is a former gang member and the leader of "Hog Mob Ministries," a global discipleship network and street ministry. The tour's name "Epudemic" stands for "Everyday People Unity Driven Executing Ministry Imitating Christ."

"We're excited about him coming," said Penny Dugan with New Jerusalem Missions.

Sevin will speak at the event and also give a mini concert. Yarbrough said this is an opportunity for people to hear the gospel in a new way, through music that is authentic but also offers hope.

She said anyone who is oppressed, addicted or discouraged is welcome to come, as well as those who aren't struggling but want to encourage others. The goal is for people to walk away with a clear understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and God's love for them, and a desire to pass that message on to others.

She also hopes the event will help more people learn about New Jerusalem Missions and the services it has to offer those in need, such as prayer support and meals at the Loaves and Fish Café Monday through Friday.

Those who would like to make a donation to support the free event can contact New Jerusalem Missions at 282-2101. Visit for more information.