"The Bug Lady" made a stop at Newton Public Library on Wednesday, bringing with her a variety of creepy, crawly critters that drew both shrieks and laughter from her audience.

Carrie Tiemeyer — better known as "The Bug Lady" — gave children an up close and personal look at animals such as a tarantula, scorpion, hedgehog, hairless rat, salamander, and a corn snake. Tiemeyer presents programs on animals to various groups and also rescues animals from bad homes.

She let children touch some of the animals and also shared interesting facts about the critters, such as spiders shedding their skin like snakes; cockroaches that have brains near their stomaches; and a whip scorpion that can run 40 mph.

"The Bug Lady" was one of the final presentations during the library's summer programming, which wraps up with a pool party on Sunday.

Amy Bayes, children's services supervisor, has been pleased with the response to the programs so far.

"It has gone great," she said. "We have had great attendance, lots of kids."