"Kansans for Responsible Government" is a SUPER PAC funded by only two people: Wink Hartman and a Colorado man to whom Todd Tiahrt funneled taxpayer-funded earmarks. The key word here is "responsible," which is also defined as "trustworthy." This SUPER PAC and Todd Tiahrt are failing to be either.

Campaign ads attacking Mike Pompeo are simply deceptive and filled with lies, none of which are responsible or trustworthy. At the same time KAKE fact finders reveal Todd Tiahrt's ad, "Garbage," to be misleading, needing explanation and false. KAKE ended its piece by saying, "Overall, this ad is very misleading."

Two men want our vote. Todd Tiahrt defines success through earmarks, which Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) calls "the gateway drug to spending." Earmarks takes money from Kansans, moves it around, takes 20% off the top, and then allows a politician to curry political favor by deciding where own money should go. Tiahrt not only collected campaign donations in exchange for these earmarks, but after he left Congress Tiahrt then lobbied for the same companies for which he secured these earmarks.

Mike Pompeo is a man of high character, integrity and truth. He is a fighter for the betterment of Kansans and ultimately America. Not one of his ads have been misleading, needs explanation or is false. Mike Pompeo has my respect and trust. I urge you to know the facts and return Mike to Washington.

— Sunny Melichar, Wichita