I am writing to explain why the Kansans for Life PAC, representing the largest pro-life organization in Kansas, has proudly endorsed Marc Rhoades for State Representative in the 72nd district. Marc as an experienced legislator has earned a 100% pro-life voting record. He has consistently voted to defend the rights of defenseless children, the elderly, and to uphold the dignity of women by making sure they are given informed consent. He has supported a pro-family holistic agenda that includes strong support for public education, K-12 public education now represents more than 50% of all spending by the State of Kansas general fund, he is pro-family. Rhodes is an honest and trustworthy legislator who will let you know where he stands on the issues facing Kansas.

Sadly, his opponent Barbara Bunting has not been as honest and open about telling the voters where she stands on the issues. In fact, Ms. Bunting has refused to return her questionaire on right to life issues, thus refusing to give her positions on the issues that will be facing Kansas, it appears that she does not want us to know where she stands.

Ms. Buntings candidacy became even more troubling to conservative voters when it was announced that she has the endorsement and support of the Lawrence based feminist organization that supports gay rights and legal late-term abortion as was practiced in Kansas in the past.

— Mike Stieben, Co-Chairman Kansans for Life Political Action Committee, Linwood