With great interest I read in the Newton Kansan articles that reference new industry locating at the Newton City/County Airport. I feel this is exciting and a real positive for our community! I would however, like to make a few observations on these articles. It seems that this new business is referenced to be on the eastern edge of the Logistics Park. The City/County Airport is separate from the Logistics Park by approximately 2 miles, and it has been locating businesses on its ground for the last 45 years. It seems to me, that to make the Logistics Park appear like it is progressing, articles throw out the Parks name whenever any new business locates in the general area. The last time I looked, there were no businesses located at the Logistics Park.

It was also with interest that the article stated that it was projected the 75% of this new businesses employees would live in Harvey County. Although this is good news, I feel it makes little difference where the employees of a private business reside, especially when some of the highest employee positions and decision makers of our municipal government reside outside of Harvey County.

— Bob Maier, Newton