My job has taught me about how to choose a candidate. I have worked for my company for over 14 years and I see some direct correlations to our voting choices. 1. When our payroll exceeds our sales, the red flag is put up immediately! We have to find ways to cut the fat but not the muscles. I appreciate Marc Rhoades not only because he has proven to be a person who works within the budget but helps cut income taxes for all taxpayers and was able to uncover millions in duplicate programs in state government. That makes sense to me. 2. Working in a big company means you don't get to know everyone well, but I have always appreciated how accessible and easy to talk to Marc Rhoades is. If you want to talk to him, call him, but he won't be interrupting your day unannounced. 3. Sadly, our company has experienced an increase of lawsuits. That always affects the bottom line of our paychecks. It saddens me to think that Marc's opponent has voted for school lawsuits. It sure helps the school lawsuit attorneys who are on her campaign team, but it doesn't help our state. 4. When an employee fails to comply with company guidelines, steps are taken to correct the situation. Businesses have to stay focused on real outcomes. I really appreciate how Marc has focused on measurable outcomes and proven results for government. Experience tells me Marc Rhoades is the clear choice.

— Elva Kelton, Newton