I don’t always agree with my friends, business colleagues, or even those who represent my own political party of choice, but this is exactly what I like and appreciate about our Nation; we have the freedom to choose and, hopefully, remain united for a common cause, which can only serve us all well. Hearing these opinions has prompted me to share my view concerning this up-coming August election for Republican State Representative.

I personally know both candidates and have much respect for both individuals and their willingness to serve us. The sacrifice and dedication for this type of political commitment amazes me and I am grateful. My support, however, is for Marc Rhodes; this is very clear and with no reservations.

I believe Marc is totally grounded in his Kansas roots, and he values that heritage. Marc exemplifies the Republican Party’s views. I trust his integrity, loyalty, faith, and consistency with issues. Some may say he is predictable; if so, that is fine with me; that just means I know what he stands for. I appreciate his willingness to stick to his convictions and use his experience, which is much needed in this economy.

Marc is crystal clear about his views on quality education, healthcare, and a balanced budget. With experience and strong leadership, he is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work on our behalf. I will support Marc Rhoades as State Representative in this election knowing he represents the Republican Party.

— Dan Heinze, Jr.