Barbara Bunting is our choice for Kansas State Representative for the 72nd district. At a time when our state government is so fractured and the economic policies of the past few years have proven ill advised, the time has come to elect a person who listens, is a consensus builder, and is a critical thinker and problem solver. It is time to elect Barbara Bunting to lead the way in a new direction and to represent all the people of the 72nd district

We have known Barbara for many years and greatly admire her ability to make quality decisions. She is tireless in her efforts to gain knowledge of the issues, ask tough questions, commit to hard work and maintain open lines of communication. Her exemplary years of service as a member of the Newton Board of Education prove her aptitude to foster positive relationships, understand financial challenges and seek solutions to problems. Her leadership skills and her endless dedication are recognized not only in Newton, but throughout the state educational community. We now need those leadership skills, her insight of issues and her sense of balance in Topeka. We urge you to remember to vote in the primary, August 5, and cast your vote for Barbara Bunting for the 72nd district representative!

— Dr. Harold and Evelyn Gregg, Newton