I have been Marc Rhoades' campaign treasurer since 2007. Before I retired, I was Clerk in Harvey County District Court for over 34 years. I know Marc to be a humble, hard-working man of integrity. He is a strong conservative Republican which is why the Democrats want him out of office.

Marc won his first election from the seated Democrat who Barb Bunting supported. He won his second election against a Democrat who is on Bunting's campaign team today. His last Democrat opponent is also supporting Bunting. They haven't been able to beat Marc in general elections, so this year they are running their choice in the Republican primary. They sent a letter to fellow Democrats urging them to "join us in temporarily changing your party affiliation to Republican." They even enclosed forms for them to change parties for the primary election, then switch back after the election.

Marc is an honest, trustworthy person who is highly respected. He has proven he will stay true to his conservative principles. He works for our community without fanfare and does what is best for the district. For example, he was instrumental in helping to get State dollars to support the U.S. Amateur Public Links Tournament here in Newton, which has brought in many people and significant out-of-state dollars back into our community and into Kansas. I encourage you to vote for Rep. Marc Rhoades in the August primary.

— Becky Crupper, Newton