The upcoming primary election for a Republican to represent District 72 is important as well as interesting.

Two well-known candidates from our community are running, both with their particular talents. The issues are varied and important.

As a financial advisor for over 20 years, I have witnessed many situations where people spend more than they have. I have encouraged many more people as they make the tough decisions to live within their means and plan for their future.

I favor Rhoades’ approach to solutions. I have listened to him in front of his constituents as he lays out facts and details. Long-term problems are not always solved by spending more tax dollars. Sometimes we have to take another look at what we are trying to accomplish. Accountability is important.

Marc has a disciplined way of digging out facts and coming up with ideas for eliminating budget/allocation inefficiencies, many of which are tough to uncover. Any previously-elected representative with a voting record has positions that I may not agree with, but I appreciate their  ability as an incumbent to influence policy. Representative Rhoades does not always take the easy path, and  nor does he always take the most popular path. I believe he has the best long-term interests of our State in mind.

He has strong principles, is extremely bright, has shown meaningful leadership in the House, and has the respect of leadership in the House of Representatives. 

Please cast your vote to re-elect Republican Representative Marc Rhoades in the upcoming primary election. — Mike Petitjean