Office running for: State Representative, 72nd District

City: Newton

Why did you decide to run for office: Eight years ago, I was asked by the Harvey County Republican Party to run against the then-incumbent Democrat, who my current primary opponent had supported and walked for in his bid against the sitting Republican incumbent. I ran to provide the District with clarity, consistency and conservative principles.

What are three key issues you would like to address if elected: Continue to keep Kansas on course toward priority-based budgeting, limited government growth and measurable outcomes for all areas of state government.

Why are you the best candidate for the job: When I first ran for office, I told constituents exactly where I stood on issues. I have been consistent in this message and in my voting record ever since. In addition, I have the experience and proven track record of leadership in Topeka.

Why is it important for people to get out and vote: Informed voting is paramount. This year, the Republican primary is more like a general election since Democrats have been asked to switch parties, vote in the Republican primary, and then switch back. People need to know where candidates stand on issues and vote accordingly.

What messages have you been hearing from constituents throughout your campaign: Those who support conservative principles are grateful for my work in Topeka. Those who prefer a more liberal agenda are not.