The Kansas Family Policy Council Political Action Committee endorses Marc Rhoades for District 72 State House Representative. Representing Newton since 2007, Rhoades has shown leadership in sponsoring numerous pro-life bills, such as the 2011 fetal pain bill (now law). Rhoades has proved his willingness to foster strong families: he sponsored a 2011 bill that would allow couples to enter covenant marriages and a 2013 bill offering a marriage license fee reduction for those who complete premarital counseling programs. As Chairman of the Kansas House Budget Committee, Rhoades understands that intact families are the key to state fiscal health. A vote for Rhoades is a vote for the wise leadership of a man who knows that by protecting families, the state protects all of its interests.

Candidates endorsed by the Kansas Family Policy Council PAC protect and strengthen the family as the foundation of society and the surest means of advancing the common good. They support marriage as the union of one man and one woman that benefits children, as well as premarital education initiatives and divorce policies that encourage the preservation of intact families. These candidates affirm the rights of citizens and private organizations to exercise their religiously-informed values.

The Kansas Family Policy Council educates citizens about changes in culture and public policy. We cooperate with state and local leaders to implement pro-family policies, and we lead the fight against policies that harm families. Our work empowers families to become active participants in upholding the values they hold dear.

— Lou Smith, Kansas Family Policy Council PAC Chairman, Wichita